Baptism Guidelines

A Child of God, Precious in His sight -- Psalm 139

At All Saints Episcopal Church of the North Shore, parents and Godparents of infants and children meet with our priest before the baptism to prepare not just for the event itself but for the journey ahead as a family.

You will learn about the grace and love that God gives us at baptism as well as the role of parents and Godparents. 

Because parents and Godparents make the promises of baptism on behalf of this beloved child, the preparation will involve examining their own faith and practices. Together we consider how they will support this beloved child in his or her life in Christ, and learn how the resources of the church can help them in this work.

Adults considering baptism are encouraged to meet with the priest a few times to learn more about the meaning of the rite and reflect on their spiritual journey.

If a person then decides to prepare for baptism, a plan for preparation will be set out, which will include the selection of sponsors within the parish –- members of the church who can serve as companions on the journey ahead, and share some of their own experience as Christians.

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 For more information about the Sacrament of Baptism please contact  The Rev. Marya DeCarlen or call the Parish Office to make an appointment.

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