A first of its kind in the northeast

Mourning a beloved animal is often as intensely felt as mourning a human. The new  All Saints North Shore St. Francis Meditation and Pet Memorial Garden offers a beautiful, comforting way to honor that experience.

The St. Francis Garden -- officially dedicated on Sunday, October 6, 2019,  by The Rt. Rev. Gayle E. Harris, Bishop Suffragan of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts -- provides a safe, comforting space  for prayer, meditation, remembrance and celebration of our beloved animal friends.  All pets -- regardless of their person's faith affiliation -- are welcome to be memorialized in the Garden with an engraved remembrance river stone or, in the case of cremains, to rest eternally, at the very heart of our church.

Visiting hours are throughout the week or can be arranged by calling our Parish Office.

If you are interested in arranging for a final resting place for your beloved animal by interring your pet’s cremains in the St. Francis Garden -- in an engraved, permanently sealed, above-ground granite/resin stone cremation urn  -- or if you prefer to memorialize  your deceased animal companion with a river rock marker with your animal’s name imprinted on it,  please download the brochure below. You may also contact us for more information or for custom requests.


Additionally,  All Saints offers loving, supportive pet memorial services through our priest or pet chaplain, grief support through our certified pet loss bereavement counselor, and the opportunity to find community and understanding through our compassionate, devoted members of the Perfect Paws Pet Ministry.

Funding for this new church initiative has been provided through a generous Congregational Development grant from the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts and additional support from the Perfect Paws Pet Ministry. 

The St. Francis Meditation and Pet Memorial Garden is self-supporting, including maintenance and perpetual care made possible by the sale of stone urns and markers. Download the brochure below and the order form.

Payment for urns and markers must be made in full at the time of purchase.

For more information or for a viewing of our Garden please call the Parish Office at 978-774-1150 or email

Watch the dedication slide show on YouTube.

At All Saints Episcopal North Shore and Perfect Paws Pet Ministry, we help you honor the unconditional love and devoted companionship that you received from a beloved animal friend. 

We offer a beautiful space, nestled at the heart of our church, to memorialize your pet through engraved memorial river rocks or by including your pet's cremains in a handsome, permanently sealed, above-ground Granite/resin cremation urn.

Our priest and our pet chaplain are  also available to assist you with 

  • Memorial services on site
  • Pet loss bereavement counseling individual or in groups)

Find out more by contacting our 

pet chaplain at

Download the St. Francis Garden Brochure and order form

Download st. francis order form