Perfect Paws - About Us


A unique ministry welcoming animals that enligthen and enrich our lives

We know that people bond powerfully with their animal friends, and bridge the species gap to call them family.

Anyone who has ever loved a dog, a cat, a ferret, a parakeet, a bunny or a hamster  -- even a gold fish --  has experienced an animal’s power to transform our lives, making us feel loved and appreciated in an open, unconditional way. 

That sweet, human-to-animal bond is often the purest, most authentic way that humans can experience  God’s love. 

Although there are a few other churches in the U.S. that offer services for humans and their canines, Perfect Paws is unique in welcoming all well behaved, leashed or crated household animals to our monthly service. 

Additionally, our ministry offers adjunct services, including pet loss bereavement counseling, companioning people through difficult times with an animal, and -- in partnership with Dogs BONES Therapy Dogs of Massachusetts -- a Perfect Paws brigade of certified Therapy Dog and handler teams that we certify and deploy throughout the North Shore. 

Every major faith endorses the responsible stewardship of the earth and all of its creatures, and we believe that caring for animals is our global, spiritual responsibility.   

Our hope is that the Perfect Paws Pet Ministry at All Saints of the North Shore will offer people who come something rich and fulfilling in their lives -- a different kind of worship experience, full of acceptance, joy, support and fellowship.

Join us. You’ll find comfort here.

Why a People-and-Pets Ministry?

Perfect Paws is a ministry through which we share and celebrate a common commitment to caring for all of God's creatures in our lives. 

We understand how deeply the bond can be between animals and their people, and Perfect Paws is here to minister to those who are going through difficult times with their animal friends -- from illness and facing the prospect of loss, to grief at an animal companion’s death, and finding a path toward healing.

We offer compassionate community support and pet loss bereavement counseling as well as companioning through those very hard times.